Comparing two maps in Go

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I have started learning Go these days, and have revived this blog and will be using it to share what all I learn in Go.

Lets start with looking at how we can compare two maps

package main

import "fmt"
import "reflect"
func main() {
var x map[int]int
var y map[int]int
x = make(map[int]int)
y = make(map[int]int)
x[1] = 10
eq := reflect.DeepEqual(x, y)
if eq {
fmt.Println ("The two maps are equal")
fmt.Println ("The two maps are not equal")

In the above code to compare map, we have imported the reflect package, which provides a DeepEqual() method.

We have used reflect.DeepEqual(x,y) where x and y are two maps to be compared and we receive a boolean value as result. We have stored that boolean value in a new variable called eq.

In the above example two maps are equal. You can run the above code here.


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