The Kick Off

So , I am starting the blogging.. (Some Rhythm there, at the cost of grammar… ;-)) finally after promising myself umpteen number of times that some day I Will. So I start the blog on the 1st day of 10th month of 10th year after the end of 20th century. .. phew, lots of 1s and 0s there. ( I am a SoftE (S/w Engg.) I love binary Values. That damn 20th century ought to be 10th century, consider that a bug, or if you are a developer, a feature.. 😉 ) .

In a recent development a verdict has been delivered on a case “full of landmines” , After all the lord RAMA himself was a party to this case and he has been granted a piece of land on the earth which I thought He CREATED..!!!! . I think this was the “landmine” the judge was talking about, lest the GOD becomes angry for denying him his land and curses him..!!!

Taaalking of GODS… Rajnikant’s (He is a GOD to many, particularly in south of my Country) Film Robot has also been released today, It has some different name in tamil version which I can’t Remember Right Now. The only reason it finds a mention here is because of its budget,  last I heard,  it was 165 crore. (For those hard in maths, there are 7 Zeros in one crore.).

It has been a long week this one, it certainly seemed so with the work load fluctuating like pendulum through the week. Started with light stuff and ending on the verge of a full blown storm which I anticipate in the coming weeks. Next week though our team is off to Goa on Holidays, so the storm will have to wait before striking…!!!

Signed Off

Whiz dumb.


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